Rules And Regulations
Sir Issac Newton College of Education

Rules & Regulations

 Morning Time: 9.00 am – 1.00pm with a break of 15 minutes

 Afternoon Time :1.50 pm – 4.00 pm with a break of 10 minutes

 Students should be present in the classroom at the stroke of the first bell at 8.40 am

 The first hour will start with a prayer for the whole college at 8.45 am.

 Avoid coming late to the classes. The late comers should report to the Principal. They should get his / her signature in a late slip and show it to the teachers for admission into the classroom.
 General Assembly will be conducted on Mondays by the respective Department.

 Students should come in uniform.
 Girls: Decent Salwar Kameez or Chudidhars with duppata neatly draped and pinned at both shoulders. Knots are compulsory when in uniform.

 Boys: Formal full trousers with tucked-in shirts and shoes. Proper trim hair with clean shave face. Jeans pants and T-shirts are not allowed.
 Each student-teacher is expected to possess an identity card with his / her recent photograph affixed on it duly attested by the Principal.

 All should wear their identity card as they enter the college campus. Without identity card you will not be permitted to enter the college premises.

 All student-teachers should produce their identity card at the security post as and when asked.

 Loss of identity card should be reported immediately and duplicate will be issued on paying a fee of Rs.500/-

 All student-teachers should surrender their ID cards at the end of the degree programme.
 All the students should attend classes regularly. All should aim at 100% attendance. If there are some important and compelling reasons such as family celebrations, ill-health, etc., students can avail leave after obtaining due permission primarily from the Principal.

 Attendance will be taken for every hour by the individual course teacher.

 It should be remembered that 90% attendance is a pre-requisite for appearing for the University examination and for availing scholarship of any kind.
 Students should apply for leave only in the prescribed leave application form available in the college office after obtaining due permission from the class teacher. The leave application forms are to be duly signed by parents/ guardian/ Hostel Director and get the endorsement of the respective HOD and the Principal.

 If leave is asked for reasons of illness for more than two days, the leave application along with a medical certificate should be submitted by the student at the college office after meeting the Principal.

 The name of the student will be removed from the rolls if he / she is absent continuously for more than 5 days without the explicit written permission of the Principal.
The following are strictly forbidden. Any violation of these rules will result in dismissal/suspension from the college:

 Ragging of any kind and any magnitude inside /outside the college campus will lead to dismissal.

 Possession/use of camera cellular phones within the campus is strictly forbidden.Use of cellular phones inside the buildings/corridors will result in confiscation and no-return of the mobile phones.

 Any kind of disturbing behaviour in the campus is forbidden.

 Smoking, use of drugs, alcohol or peddling drugs in the campus is prohibited.

 Any Ill-treatment, both physical and verbal, based on gender, caste and religion will lead to dismissal.

 Causing damage to the college/public property by scribbling on walls, graffiti writing, scratching walls / toilets, breaking furniture, lab equipment, damaging fittings and pipes etc. will lead to dismissal.

 Any kind of misconduct/misbehaviour inside/outside the campus in public places, buses, trains, etc.) or detection of foot-board travel, blocking the traffic, unruly behaviour in buses/trains or any kind of annoyance to the public will also result in the immediate withdrawal/permanent cancellation of all student travel concessions and the scholarships.