Regonition & Affiliation
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Recognition & Affiliation

One Year B.Ed Programme Order
  F.SRO/NCTE/B.EEd./2006-2007/11991, Dt.29.03.2007
  Additional Intake No.F.SRCAPP842/B.Ed-A1/TN/2012/44324, Dt.26.07.2012

Two Year B.Ed Programme Order Effective From 2015 - 2016
  F.SRO/NCTE/SRCAPP842/B.Ed/TN/2015-16/64558, Dt.13/05/2015.
  Additional intake No.F.SRO/NCTE/APSO5252/B.Ed/TN/2014-2015/72536, Dt.17/08/2015
Grant of Affiliation by Madras University
  No.A.II./ASO4/NSFE/2007/2032, Dt. 25.09.2007

Grant of Affiliation by TamilNadu Teachers Education University
  TNTEU/R/Affin./Syn.Oct.10-Item 23,25/2010 / 1898, Dt. 08.12.2010
  TNTEU/R/Syn.Oct 2012-Item 23/Order-B.Ed. (AI) New/2012/845, Dt.12.10.2012
  TNTEU/R/Affin.Syn-Feb 2015-Item.No.07/2016/118, Dt.02/02/2016
  TNTEU/R/Affin.Syn-Jan 2017 - Item.No.25/2017/165, Dt.30/01/2017
  TNTEU/R/Cont. Affin./2019/1780
  Highest grade “A” with CGPA: 3.79 conferred on LCE by NAAC in 2011  
  Re-Accredited At “A” Grade With CGPA: 3.48 By NAAC (II Cycle) in 2017